5 Easy Tips for Proofreading Your Own Work

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We all do proofreading. We have to be our own editor whether we are in the public relations community or in some other business. We all have a tendency to miss out certain words because we wrote them. Following are

Book Review: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

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This is an amazing book regarding new rules of marketing and PR. I have read this remarkable book and it tells us about the marketing perspectives. You will be surprised to know that this book is of international repute having

How to Make Your Press Release Stand Out

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Make Your Press Release Stand Out Don’t get lost in the pile. Many companies publish online press releases and many never get the exposure they deserve. It’s essential to work out a platform that will grab the reader’s attention in

Gain More Web Clicks

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How to Get Those Website Clicks Creating that effective press release won’t only put you high on a search index, it can also encourage and motivate readers to browse through your website and attract potential customers. What is the best

Effective Steps to Format Your Press Release

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Formatting a Press Release The quality of your content is definitely an essential component to a press release, however, when writing a news release, the style in which your press release is laid out, is equally as important. You want

If You Blog, Here are 5 Reasons to Write a Press Release

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So you’re a blogger who keeps your blog active on a weekly basis? You write the content and hope it gets viewed. What would be the next step? How are you promoting your blog and its content? Have you considered

Get Bloggers to Post Press Releases

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Press releases announce news, products, events and anything anyone may see as valuable news worthy item. On many occasions the press release will make its way to television, radio, newspapers and websites. One great place to promote a press release

Optimize Small Business Marketing for the Locals

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The days of flipping aimlessly through the local yellow pages seemed to be dwindling to an end. These days it’s all about using that mobile device to find the cure for a pizza craving or to find a Starbucks on

20 Public Relations Blogs You Should be Reading

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For many businesses, keeping up with the happenings in the public relations world is a vital and valuable resource in order to keep up with the trends that might be important to your business and industry. Those resources are widespread

4 Things To Consider Before Your Content Goes Viral

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When content goes viral, business owners may not be prepared to handle the influx of traffic and inquiries that ensue. Having viral content can be very beneficial to a business but it also comes along with a set of challenges.