When I first started working as a newspaper reporter, eons ago, before the invention of electricity, when we carved out each day’s edition on stone tablets(you get the idea…it was a looooong time ago)…when someone wanted to publicize their business, it was an expensive proposition in terms of time or money, or both.

Publicists cost thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH. And if you wanted to do it yourself, you had to individually contact people at each newspaper, television outlet, and radio station, find out who to submit your press release to, fax it or mail it to them, call them back to find out if they got it, and then most likely never hear back from them…

And to make it worst you had to make it past gatekeepers like me, who were scanning every press release suspiciously to find out if it was newsworthy or just boring blatant self-promotion, and 99.9 percent of the time, tossing it into the “round-file” – the trash can.

Today, much as it breaks my journalist heart to admit it, hardly anybody is looking in a newspaper to find products and services. They are looking online, on Google or Bing or Yahoo.

And it is incredibly easy to establish a name for yourself and your product online using online press releases.

Here’s what you do:

Create a “media” or “press” page for your website and put a link to it on your top menu bar.

Do your keyword research before you write your press release. Hold out for keywords that get at least a couple of thousand searches per month.  Incorporate your best keyword in your headline and your first paragraph. Use your other keywords throughout the body of your press release.

Submit your press release to either PRWeb.com, or free press release distribution sites, or both.  Write and submit a press release a month, at least. (Or hire me to do it for you. There, I said it.)

You will find that press releases get ranked in regular Google and Google news super fast. They can help a new site get indexed right away.  Don’t know what to write about?  Below is a list of ten reasons to send out a press release:

10 Reasons To Send Out A Press Release:

  1. To promote a new product
  2. To launch a new website or blog
  3. To announce a contest
  4. To announce hiring someone
  5. Seasonal promotions
  6. To promote a charitable campaign
  7. To announce a merger or strategic partnership
  8. If you’ve won an award or competition
  9. If you’ve been recognized by an industry organization
  10. To tie in your product or service with a national trend – the economy, the real estate market, etc.