write a press releaseI’m going to keep this post short and sweet – just the way a press release should be.

Fairly often, when my clients send me a proposed press release that they want rewritten, they are so excited about their business/new idea/upcoming event/announcement that they cram about 20 different ideas into their press release. This makes it not only too long, it makes it confusing.

What they’ve got there is about 20 press releases in one. All of that greats info in their proposed press releases may well be newsworthy – just not all at once.

When you write a press release, decide what you are announcing. One main news announcement per press release is all you get.

Otherwise, if your press release is even accepted by news outlets, you will leave your readers confused and they will tend to move on without taking action or visiting your website.

So in the first couple of paragraphs you announce your news. Then you have a quote from someone from your company, perhaps you, talking about your news and why it’s great, helpful, different, unique,  what it will do for people, why you’re holding this contest/created this new line of videos/wrote this book/giving a seminar, or whatever your news is.

Then, possibly another paragraph or two giving more details about your news, and then a paragraph or two about you and your background and your company.

Then, a brief “call to action” –  a sentence saying something like, “Those seeking more information may visit www.(whateveryourwebsite is. Dot com.)”

Also, keep it to 400-500 words or less. Readers these days are busy and have short attention spans.

Voila. Instant press release. Focused, non-confusing. There you go!