1. Brand Management. 

When you send out a press release you control what is said about you, your product, your services or your company. You can describe your benefits and portray your message exactly the way that you want. This way, when someone searches for your name, they will find and read press releases containing the message that you designed.

2. Traffic

If you send out a compelling, timely press release you have the potential to drive hundreds, even thousands, of visitors to your site.

3. Backlinks

The more backlinks that you have leading to your site from high page rank sites, the better your site will rank. Press release sites are generally considered authority sites by the search engines and many of them have very good page rank, so when they link to your site, it benefits you.

4. Credibility

When people search for information on your site and your product, and they find your professionally written press release, it gives your company an air of authority and makes even a tiny one-person operation appear large and professional.

5. Damage Control

Sometimes, unfortunately, a situation may arise where negative things are being said about you or your company. You may not be able to get that information removed, but you can counter by making sure that your own positive message and if necessary, response, is all over the internet and is as visible as possible – sometimes crowding the negative information off of the search engine’s front pages.