Here is the standard information that press release distribution sites require:

  • Company name
  • Company URL
  • Contact person’s name, title, email address, telephone number
  • Company physical address
  • Photograph of company contact person, or company president, or new product, logo, etc., if desired – not a requirement but nice to have
  • A short blurb about the company, 2-4 lines is fine. This can be about the history of the company, location of the company, what the company does, what distinguishes it and makes its products or services special.
  • A brief summary of what the press release is going to say. This is generally featured on the press release distribution site’s home page, along with dozens of other summaries, so it should be compelling and well written. It should not repeat the first paragraph of the story; it should summarize in two or three sentences what the story is going to say.
  • The body of the press release – should answer the standard who, what, where, when, and why questions.
  • It should have at least one quote from someone at the company talking about why this news matters – if you are releasing a new product, say what’s great about it. If you have received an award, thank the people at your company and the award givers and talk about what it is about your company that caused you to win the award. If you are announcing a merger, provide a quote about how this merger will help you better serve customers from both companies.
  • It can’t read like an advertisement.
  • When you are writing a press release, even about you and your company, you need to write it in the third person.

When you provide this information to a professional press release writer – for instance, the experienced journalists at – they will be able to craft it into a compelling and attention grabbing press release which will present you in the best possible light.