Here is the standard information that I need to write a press release, and then I also like to speak to the client to get an idea of what news angle we will be emphasizing – sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes we need to find or create one:

Your contact information – the press release sites require this:

Contact person’s name, title, email address, and telephone number
Company name
Company URL
Company physical address

Your keywords

A one paragraph bio about you and/or your company – things that you could include:
Where you’re located, what you do, what makes you and/or your company special and unique in your field, awards or honors that you’ve won, achievements, (have you helped clients create successful businesses? Have you trained hundreds of dogs? Worked with hundreds of clients to successfully achieve their weight loss/fitness goals?), your experience in your field, your educational background, etc.

News: What are you announcing? Types of news announcements: a new product, service, partnership, webinar or teleseminar coming up, book launch, movie release, ebook, an award won, your comments on a new study that is relevant to your business (a dermatologist commenting on a new medical study which has statistics about skin cancer, etc.)

A couple of quotes from you:

What is it that makes your news special, new? What’s in it for the reader? Why did you create this new product/write this new ebook/create this series of videos, or why are you holding this teleseminar or webinar, etc.?

For instance, Jackie Silver wrote a book called Aging Backwards –

“Everyone wants to stay young. I’m here to help make it easier,” said Silver, whose book is available at, Barnes& and on her Web site,

or Adryenn Ashley,  who was holding a bootcamp called Monetizing Your Passion:

“Monetizing Your Passion is a training system designed to build credibility for your business and brand you as the expert in your field and transform your knowledge into products that can be sold worldwide,” according to Ashley.

“I often hear prospective clients say, ‘I’m not an expert!’ and I always ask ‘Would you say that to your customers?’  Everyone has expertise in their field and our proven techniques not only find that talent, but effectively showcase it the world.”