My goal is to help my clients. Most of the time, I do this by writing press releases and doing social media marketing with the goal of promoting their website all over the Internets, and making sure that their website is fueled by that all important Google Juice.

However every once in a while this is NOT a good idea. And if I think so, I will tell my client so. Politely, of course.

Here’s when you don’t want to send out your press release:

  • When your website is not up and running yet and just has a “coming soon” placeholder on it.
  • When your website is butt-ugly and has text running over itself and practically screams “My business is doing so badly I can’t afford a web designer!”
  • When your website copy ┬áis riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.
  • When people who arrive at your website don’t know what to do or where to go. Your website should be well laid out and designed to encourage people to take a specific action – sign up for a newsletter, buy your products, buy your services, contact you for more information…if they just show up, read, and go away forever because you haven’t at least presented them the option to stay in touch or purchase…than you’ve wasted your press release.

So in other words – don’t go out and get traffic and send it to your website if your website isn’t ready for it. I’m not saying your website needs to be PERFECT – God knows mine isn’t – but it at least needs to be professional looking and needs to present people with a way to get in touch or buy from you or take some other desired action.