I have a list of free press release distribution sites that I like. One of the services that I offer clients is to submit their press release to all of the sites on my list, for $40. When I do this, what I have found is that for the first week or two, the first few pages of Google listings are filled with the press releases that I have submitted. This is great for SEO and a quick burst of traffic.

However, over time, some of the  press releases disappear from the rankings.

Which ones remain on the first page or two of Google, with millions of competing sites, months later?

Drumroll, please….

And the number one free site that remains on the first page of Google for-freaking-EVER, and I have no idea why, is….


After that, I find the press releases that I submitted to these sites most frequently hang in there on Google’s front page or two, for months and months, again, with tons of competition: