Why Do You Want Me To Write A Press Release For Such An Ugly Website?

write a press releaseSince I specialize in online publicity, every press release that I write links to someone’s website. I always check out the websites that I am going to be linking too. Most of the time, they are well designed and professional in appearance. However, a certain percentage of my clients have websites that look as if they were designed by their fifth grade kid for a class project. Ugly design with massive blocks of text, garish colors, blocks of text overlapping each other because the website was not designed to work well in different browsers…or terrible grammar, misspellings, incorrect punctuation all over the place…

Now, when I write a press release and distribute it online, the goal is to send more people to your website, and to help your website rank better in the search engines so that more people find you.  But a few of my clients have websites that are so poorly designed that they should be hiding them, not advertising them. Yes, I always (nicely) let a client know if I see significant problems on their website. Some of them fix it, most don’t.

The biggest problem with sending a stream of traffic to a poorly designed website is that the people who are coming to your site don’t know you, and THIS is the first impression you are showing them. You are showing them that you can’t spell, can’t write, and can’t afford a decent web designer.  I personally wouldn’t trust anyone with such a shoddy website with my business, and neither should you.

A decent website doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars you can have an attractive, professional looking website. If you need website content written for you, I charge $50 per page of website content up to about 250-words, and there are plenty of other good website writers out there. It’s a one-time investment that pays off. And there is no point in hiring me as a press release writer, paying me to write that press release, paying me to distribute it online….until you have a website that is worth sending people to. 

  1. Great article Dana! As you point out, there's no point in driving traffic to a site that only convinces them to never come back. Take the time to point your priorities in order and put up a site that creates a meaningful experience … THEN send out the PR. That way, the visitors will come back again … and again … and again. =)

  2. You hit the nail right on the head! This is the absolute truth! Why do people waste their time trying to make bad websites popular? I understand if it's a beginner's work, but people need to step up to web standards and realize that the internet has changed since pre-1998. I always stress with my clients that they need content before advertising, both for SEO purposes and average user reading.  Why go to a blank page? Great info, thanks!

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